Hyle, Pireos 1 - November 2021 |  Centre D’Art Contemporain - May 2018 | David Hockney Gallery - June 2018 Durational sound performance and installation

Household objects from the traditional Greek culture that were used for the production of butter, the storage of wheat and wine as well as other object-tools used in the ventilation and water systems of the buildings where we may live or work, are transformed into musical instruments, preserving the cultural heritage in a multidimensional way. 
The inspiration for Elissavet Sfyri's AGreekulture project came from the ancient festival of the Dionysian mysteries, which is the hedonistic celebration of life and lust. Elissavet Sfyri, observing the longing for this kind of emotions in the vibrancy of modern hedonism in Athens, invites you to the Athenian edition of the project AGreekulture, which connects the ancient traditional celebration with the present reality. The musical instruments, handmade by the artist, create a sensual vibration and invite the audience to take part in the feast. 
Musicians from The Syrian and Greek Youth Forum (International activist movement in Athens for the advocacy of human rights through art, activism and education), Black and White Drums, Bugarabu Percussion, Al fawares Culture Band and the dancers from Hamsa (Cultural Organization for Art and Culture of the Eastern Mediterranean Countries) will bring the sculpture-props to life in two separate performances; at the opening and closing of the exhibition.  The costumes, musical instruments, and other remains will be on site as an interactive installation throughout the duration of the exhibition.
Concept: Elissavet Sfyri
Artworks: Elissavet Sfyri
Performers: Ayman AlQalaa, Hekmet Hanno, Kareem Kabani, Katerina Kavvada, Giorgos Kontogeorgos, Georgina Malevri, Elissavet Sfyri, Elias Fachides, Giorgos Fasolis
With the support of Flux Laboratory Athens

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