Elissavet Sfyri is a Greek artist born in Athens in 1994, who is  based between Athens and New York. She completed her MA in Sculpture at the prestigious Royal College of Art in 2019, after graduating from the Fine Art program at Goldsmiths University in London. Sfyri's work has been showcased in numerous international group exhibitions, including the Centre d’Art Contemporain - MAMCO in Geneva, the National Museum of Fine Arts in Taipei, the Kommagene Biennial Adiyaman in Turkey and CICA Museum in South Korea. Her talent has also been recognized with the ARTWORKS Fellows prize in 2020 by the Stavros Niarchos Cultural Foundation. Furthermore, Sfyri has also made a name for herself in the film industry. Her film, ZABETA, which she co-created with Sofia Sfyri, was awarded the International film under 50min Fischer 1st prize at the 23rd Thessaloniki Documentary Festival in 2021. It was also screened at the Athens International Film Festival and was nominated for the IRIS Hellenic Film Awards. Sfyri has shared her expertise with others by giving lectures at the University of West Attica for the MSc in Interior Architecture: Sustainable and Social Design. Her presentation, titled “Social experiments with Aesthetics and sound”, provided valuable insights into her creative process. In addition to that she recently started a collaboration with Wael H. Habbal (Obama Scholar at Columbia University), Dr. Beth Fisher-Yoshida (Columbia University - Program Director of Conflict Resolution and Negotiation) and Joan Camilo Lopez (Youth, Peace, and Security Program Manager, Columbia University - Adjunct professor of Anthropology City College, CUNY) for a series of conversations between youth leaders/activists in Athens. These conversations are addressing some of the most pressing social problems of the communities to exchange knowledge, tools, methods, and overall experiences. Elissavet has also participated in various workshops, including the ULYSSES Seawards Workshop by Onassis, in collaboration with The Syrian and Greek Youth Forum and European Odyssey. She has also organized, curated, produced, and taken part as an artist at Saline Art Residency, with permanent public sculptures in Ermioni and Porto Heli, Greece. Her work has helped to support artists, who after her residency, have gone on to receive recognition from numerous international foundations, including the Somerset House, the Cannes Film Festival, New Museum (New York), Lenbachhaus, Chisenhale Gallery, Whitechapel Gallery, Breeder Gallery, the BFI, the International Film Festival Rotterdam, Thessaloniki Film Festival, the Athens International Film Festival, Benaki Museum, NEON Greece, Stegi - the Onassis Foundation, DESTE Foundation for Contemporary Art, Stavros Niarchos Cultural Foundation, and more.
• Master in Sculpture, Royal College of Art, London, UK (2017-2019)
• Bachelor in Fine Arts, Goldsmiths University of London, London, UK (2013-2016)
• Foundation Diploma in Art and Design, Kingston University of London, London, UK (2012-2013)
• Campion School of Athens, Greece (2007-2012)

Selected Exhibitions/Shows
Solo Show: Agreekulture, Flux Laboratory (FLUXUM Foundation) (2023)
WOMA fest: Women in Arts Festival Athens (2023)
Kommagene Biennial Adiyaman (2022)
Solo Show: The Hawk Shank Redemption at MIMH Daily Bar (2022)
ZABETA, Chania Film Festival (2022)
 Performative Encounters, Hyle Athens (2021)
ZABETA, 23rd Thessaloniki Documentary Festival (2021)
ZABETA, Nychtes Premieras Athens International Film Festival (2021)
1821, ΟΠΤΙΚΗ ΜΙΑΣ ΕΠΑΝΑΣΤΑΣΗΣ, War Museum of Athens, Athens (2021)
Saline Art Residency, Public Sculptures, Porto Cheli & Ermioni (2018)
To Camp, Centre d’Art Contemporain (MAMCO), Geneva (2018)
Sisyphus Ver. 20.18, National Museum of Fine Arts, Taiwan (2018)
New Media Art, CICA Museum, Seoul (2018)
UR: Human Presence, Aures Sensorium, London (2018)
Athens College: Set and Costume design for the theatre play "Λιοντάρια" (2020, 2023)
Dance Performance, Night of Nations: International House, New York (2023)
 Paf Festival (2023) Costume Design for Christiana Kossiari
Arc for Dance Festival (2022) Costume Design for Christiana Kossiari
Athens Video Dance Project (2022) Costume Design for Christiana Kossiari
Dance Days Chania (2022) Costume Design for Christiana Kossiari
MA Sculpture Show, Royal College of Art, London (2019)
WIP show, Royal College of Art, London (2018)
Practicing, HD Kepler, Athens (2018)
Eye’s walk festival, Syros (2017)
Χοροί Χωρεί μας, MIR festival, Athens (2018)
_ U _ _ S, London (2016)
Goldsmiths Fine Art Show, London (2016)
• ARTWORKS Fellows prize by Stavros Niarchos Cultural Foundation (2020)
• IRIS Hellenic Film Awards nomination (2022)
• Fischer Audience Award, Thessaloniki Documentary Festival Under 50 min. (2021) 
• Kingston University of London Foundation Diploma Art Prize for “Most physical hardship undertaken in the name of
art” (2013)
• International Baccalaureate Art Prize for Campion British School of Athens (2012)
• Primary and Secondary Education Student Painting Competition in East Attica (2005)
• Olympic Games Athens by Alpha Bank, Panhellenic Primary and Secondary Education Student Painting
Competition (2004)
• Student Chess Championship of Peloponnese (2002)

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